1864 Two Cent Small

1864 Two Cent Piece 2c (3579.4173) Very Good ** PCGS & CAC VG 08 ** Small Motto,NGC VF 25 BN 1864 Small Mottoe Two Cent Piece,1864 2¢ SMALL MOTTO TWO CENT ~ PCGS F12 FINE ~ #24418906,1864 2¢ SMALL MOTTO TWO CENT ~ F FINE ~ #3579EFU1,1864 PCGS F Small Motto Two Cent Coin - 2C ~VERY LIGHT cleaning~,1864 (P) Small Motto Two Cent Piece VG U.S. Coin C359 AddionalItemShipFree,PCGS Genuine 1864 Two-Cent Piece with the Small Motto XF Details,1864 Small Motto Two Cent Piece Key Date Rare 2 Cent Copper Early First Year,1864 2c NGC/CAC MS65 BN (Small Motto) Key Date 2-Cent Piece,1864 Small Motto Two Cent Piece Rare Key Date Some Detail Corroded,1864 Small Motto Two Cent Fine Details NGC,1864 Two Cent Piece PCGS MS-64 RB Small Motto,1864 Two Cent Piece PCGS F-15 Small Motto,1864 Small Motto - Two Cent Piece - Fine details,1864 Two Cent Piece 2cp Small Motto Rare Type Coin L@@K darker coin,1864 Two Cent Piece PCGS MS63BN Small Motto,1864 2c Small Motto, PCGS MS63BN CAC ,1864 Small Motto Lustrous Unc NGC, Scarce,1864 NGC AU-55 BN Choice Almost Uncirculated US Copper Two-cent 2c Small Motto,1864 Small Motto 2c Two Cent Piece NGC AU 58 BN,1864 Small & Large Motto Two Cent Pieces Both Fine ,1864 Small Motto Two Cent Piece Very Good VG Key Date US Coin #339,1864 Two Cent Piece PCGS MS-64BN Small Motto - CAC,1864 2 CENT PIECE SMALL MOTTO,